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Hello Stas,
I thought that I would give some feedback on the two smart battery chargers that I obtained from you. The first unit that I acquired was the 12 VDC 5A unit, and I knew that it would work perfectly. Indeed, it does work perfectly for my automotive batteries.

The unit that I was more concerned about was the 24 VDC 3A charger, because it is represented that aircraft batteries are much more "delicate" than other lead acid batteries for automobiles or motorcycles. Although they are still AGM lead acid batteries, the manufacturers of said aircraft batteries are insistent about how to properly charge them for proper operation and long life. But, the research that I did showed that your operating set points of 2.35 VDC per cell (bulk) and 2.25 VDC per cell ( float) were correct. I have been using your "standard" 24 VDC 3A charger for several weeks now on my Concorde aircraft battery, and the $2000 Concorde battery seems to be quite happy. I like the fact that the charger supplies its current to the airplane as long as the draw is less than, say, 3A nominal. It turns out that my airplane continuously draws about 13 ma from the battery when it is sitting in the hanger with all systems off. That draw , although small, will discharge the battery over time. Your unit completely solves that problem.

Your smart charger design also re-starts itself automatically if the AC power should fail, and the AC power does fail from time to time….mostly in the Winter. Some other chargers require a re-start sequence to get them to function after AC power failure.
I also very much like the quality of construction and "heft" of your linear chargers compared to the switching units.
Anyway, I could not be more pleased. Thank you for great products.
Howard, W6HSC
NOTE: Howard bought a 155-ASY and a 155-A24

Hi Stas,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your excellent charger. I ordered and built the 150-KIT with QRP mod and it works great! All of the parts were there and the instructions were very good. I'm currently charging 3 12Ah gel-cells for my VHF and OHR-100A HF rigs. I checked on one of the batteries a couple of days ago after all the lights went off on the charger. It was at 13.87V and drawing virtually no current! This is, by far, the best charger on the market and I can be confident in leaving it on the batteries indefinitely. I can't thank you enough for an excellent product that will make my batteries last.
73 Jeff KD0LPU
NOTE: Jeff bought a 150-KIT & 150-MOD

Hi Stas and crew
I need a second battery charger. The first one works so well with the ham gear that I need another to keep in the garage for topping the car and boat batteries. Specifically a #150-KIT. 1A Smart Charger.
Craig Winchar, VE4WI
NOTE: Craig bought a 150-KIT

The A&A Engineering Smart battery Charger is truly an Energizer Bunny.

My A&A Smart Battery Charger (SBC) has now been in continuous service for over 16 years. No on/off switch required because it virtually has and remains on all the time. There has absolutely never been a problem with my SBC, ever. For five years my SBC kept the lead acid batteries topped up in my San Juan 24 sail boat. The next five years the charger spent inside the motor compartment of my car during the extremely severe winters near the Yukon border to keep some modicum of battery efficiency so the car would start. In the off season, the SBC kept my car 14 Amp/hr SLA booster battery topped up, which it is still doing, six years later, non-stop, 24/7/365. While on standby duty, my SLA booster battery/A&A Smart Charger combination powers my K2 HF and 2 metre VHF Ham Radio rigs along with some supporting 12 volt accessories.
My SLA booster/Ham battery is always constantly and reliably charged, topped up and maintained while connected to my A&A Smart Battery Charger. AND, like the energizer bunny; "it just keeps going and going"…... How true.
I highly recommend this product.
Bill Moore, VE2WMA

Those units you sold me are among the Yanomamo Indians in very, very remote and traditional villages (Venezuela). The guys take good care of them but still it's a jungle environment complete with humidity, bugs etc and they're holding up great!
NOTE: Greg and friends have purchased over 19 custom - 12VDC input - 6VDC output chargers over the years

All seems to work OK... thanks for the good design job and making modifications pretty easy to visualize. I've been using an 11Ah gel-cell as a test vehicle... the battery seems to like the charging.
Best regards,

I have one of your 1 amp chargers (I have had it for a few years) and just ordered another one (I'm not a patient man when it comes to charging batteries!). Thanks for a great product and for answering my questions whenever I e-mail you!
Got the 14 volt kit, wired it, works like a champ, just like the 12 volt version that I have on my car all Winter in the rainy Northwest.
Seems to me that the kit is priced too low for such great quality..........all the parts where there, and great instructions.!!!
I assembled the 150-KIT yesterday and checked it out this morning. Excellent!
Charger arrived today and is a thing of beauty. It is now charging the first of 2 lead acid 7.2 amp/hr batteries I use for my Elecraft K1's. It will get used a lot so I appreciate the effort and quality you have put into it.
73, John
Your chargers are definitely the best I've found. I'm glad you are there with such a great and reliable product.
Dale, KF0PB
NOTE: Dale bought a 155-ASY, later a 150-KIT, then another 155-ASY


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