WX6W's Homebrew Dual Smart Charger

Here is the Fredric S. Mendes - WX6W - Dual Complete Station Smart Battery Charger Project. It is a dual charger to accommodate two batteries. The 5A charger for a large deep cycle battery to power a HF transceiver & solid state linear amplifier. The 2.5A charger for a smaller deep cycle battery to power station accessories and vhf/uhf equipment.

Fred built this custom, dual (5A and 2.5A Smart Charger) using A & A Engineering circuit boards and components. The 5A circuit board is mounted vertically and the custom 2.5A board is mounted horizontally.

The meters are 0-5A and 0-10A.

Fred commented: I have your regular 5A assembled charger with its' beautifully made transformer - it runs about 33 degree C at full load.

In constructing the dual charger with your boards I really appreciate how well your regular assembled 5A charger is made. Nice work!

All the best, Fred WX6W


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