AUX DC Input / Solar Panel Notes

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Both our 1A and 5A Smart Battery Chargers have Auxiliary DC input capability via pads on the circuit board. This auxiliary input can be used with a solar panel. An isolation diode is required in series with the solar panel. Some panels have this diode built in, others do not. Pads are provided on our boards for an isolation diode (D3). If the panel has an isolation diode, jumper across the D3 pads on our board. The panel must provide 16.5 volts at rated current. We recommend fusing the auxiliary DC input.

Our enclosures DO NOT have provisions for the auxiliary inputs. With all the interconnect variations we encountered, it was decided to let the user customized the enclosure as required.

We can customize the 1A or 5A charger with inputs for the Auxiliary DC input. Most common for the 1A charger is a rear panel 6 inch RED/BLK pigtail with Anderson interconnect. Contact us for details.

For the 5A charger, we have customized quite a few as shown below. The top fuse is the standard DC Output fuse. The lower fuse is the standard AC Input fuse. The middle fuse is the added OPTIONAL AUX DC Input fuse.

This photo shows a customized AUX DC input 5A charger. We added the internal isolation diode, rear panel binding posts and AUX DC input fuse holder. For pricing details, see 155-AUX on the charger price list. ChargerPriceList

The auxiliary DC input, along with the isolation diode, form a "OR" function with the existing AC input raw DC source. This allows you to connect both the AC source and the auxiliary DC source, the charging circuit would be fed by the higher voltage source.

EXAMPLE: We have some customers that have solar panel operation during daylight, and they have about 2 - 3 hours per evening when a Diesel Generator supplies 110 VAC power. Wired as described above, the AC and DC inputs are connected constantly, the "OR" function does the input voltage switching automatically.

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